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MaskTech,Agile, Responsive, Independent.
Agile, Responsive, Independent.


Phase 1

Standard products that covers a wide range of applications. The products can be used as specified in the reference manual without the need of an additional adaption.

Phase 2

If an additional adaption(s) is/are required that could be reused: MaskTech will fund all required adaptions and put them to the standard products list.

Phase 3

Proprietary and project specific adaptions have to be borne by the customer. This way you can create your own security adaptions used specifically and exclusively for your infrastructure and projects.
Platform customization includes:

  • MTCOS add-on application development
  • Integration of new crypto algorithms (sandboxed)
  • Integration of new authentication protocols (sandboxed)
  • Executable technology (system extensions)
  • Hardware ports
  • Project specific Common Criteria evaluations