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MTCOS ManagerOur Personalization Middleware
MTCOS Manager
Our Personalization Middleware

MTCOS Manager

Initialize your chips for high volume business. Masktech’s middleware framework supports the secure personalization of MTCOS based chipsets according to ICAO DOC9303, BSI and ISO standards. The library can be easily be integrated into any C++ application on all current Microsoft Windows operatings systems. MTCOS Manager is complemented by a Microsoft Windows application that supports ePassport, eID, eDL and eResidencePermit personalization including the support of all MTCOS life cycle features.


MTCOS E-Passport E-Passport Worldwide first and today the most popular operating system for ePassports. It supports various semiconductor manufacturers.
MTCOS E-National ID E-National ID ICAO application supplemented by eGovernment applications.
MTCOS E-Driving License E-Driving License Strong protection against forgery for electronic drivers licence with chip and a maximum of data privacy for the license holder.
MTCOS E-Residence Permit E-Residence Permit MTCOS interoperable with the EU eResidence Permit regulation and other international standards.

Technical Specifications

Image converter
  • JPEG or JPEG2K compression of facial images to
    a user specified size.
  • WSQ (FBI format) compression of fingerprint images
    to a user specified size
  • Easy exchange of input and output image formats

ICAO converter
  • ICAO TrLDS data group formatting
    (also ISO/IEC 19794 and ISO/IEC 7816-11)
  • Supports all DGs
  • Supports Basic Acces Control- and Supplemental
    Access Control key generation

ISO/IEC 18013 converter
  • ISO/IEC 18013-2,3
  • BAP or SAC key assembly from input string / MRZ
  • EAP and EAC (EU)

Passive Authentication
  • Hash and signature generation with SHA-1
    and SHA-2
  • Import of DSCA and CSCA certificates
  • Generation of new DSCA and CSCA certificates
  • EF.SOD assembly

Active Authentication
  • Generate asymmetric public / private key
    pair supporting RSA
  • EF.DG15 (EF.DG13 for eDL) assembly

  • Generate asymmetric public / private key pair supporting
    RSA and Elliptic Curve (various curve types and bit
    lengths supported)
  • EF.DG14 assembly

  • write to chip functions in accordance with
    ISO/IEC 7816-4, 8, 9
  • Contact based (ISOE/IEC 7816-3) and
    contactless (ISO/IEC 14443)
  • support of all PC/SC compatible readers

Production life cycles & security
  • MTCOS 4-stage life cycle manager

Chip/OS support
  • MTCOS V2.1 and higher


Short form specifications
MTCOS Manager
Short form specification