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MTCOS CompactFor basic eID Solutions
MTCOS Compact
For basic eID Solutions

MTCOS Compact

Your entry to highest chip protection. Our MTCOS Compact is designed for secret key small footprint or flash embedded ICs without Common Criteria certification requirements. It supports basic ICAO DOC 9303, basic ISO/IEC 18013, ISO/IEC 7816 multi-application and file life cycles. Secret key cryptography (DES, 3DES) is embedded in software for a maximum of cost efficiency.


MTCOS E-National ID E-National ID ICAO application supplemented by eGovernment applications.
MTCOS E-Driving License E-Driving License Strong protection against forgery for electronic drivers licence with chip and a maximum of data privacy for the license holder.
MTCOS E-Payment E-Payment Easy to use "single command" ePurse for best transaction times complemented by our secure MTCOS-SAM.

Technical Specifications

  • ISO/IEC 7816 T=1
  • PC/SC compatible
  • ISO/IEC 7816-4 secure messaging
Data handling
  • ISO/IEC 7816 part 4 - multi application file system
  • Transactions
  • Filesize up to 4GB
  • DES, 3DES (in software)
  • PIN Verification
  • Customized authentication schemes
  • Random numbers
  • Highest performance - no interpreter
  • According to open ISO/IEC standards - free of third party (license rights)
  • Smallest OS footprint

Life Cycles
  • ISO/IEC 7816 part 9 - life cycle management
  • MaskTech specific


Short form specifications
MTCOS Compact
Short form specification