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High Security Chip Operating Systemsfor eGovernment Applications
High Security Chip Operating Systems
for eGovernment Applications

A Unique Combination of Reliability, Performance, and Security

MTCOS was the first masked operating system with support of the ICAO DOC 9303 and ISO/IEC 7816 standards and has over the last ten years been extended successively for support of e-national ID (secure signature creation device), e-Health, e-Driving License, e-Residence Permit and Micropayment programs. In MTCOS all applications are built-in, i.e. are part of the OS and can individually or complementary be activated by the user.

Recent published privacy issues underscore the need for stronger protective measures in critical embedded systems, particularly those that store sensitive biometric data of citizens. MTCOS has specifically been designed to protect private data against tracking, cloning and theft. For these reasons only high security operating systems which passed Common Criteria security certifications are mandated and the choice for all travel-, ID documents and authentication solutions.
Advantages at a glance:

  • Multiple semiconductor support
  • Applications already built-in
  • Extended life cycle management
  • Common Criteria security certified