MaskTech – we make chips intelligent

Partner Network

By using pre-integrated key embedded software and components, document providers can spend more time on developing differentiated issuance solutions and systems, reducing overall project risk and ultimately accelerating product deployments.

Integration partners

Our integration partners comprise a variety of established and emerging companies whose products complement, extend, or support the MaskTech strategy. With their help our customers may gain time-to-market advantages, especially when our products have to be integrated in existing infrastructures and personalization systems and this - manufacturer independent.

Technology Partners

Our technology partners offer MaskTech the base integrated circuit microprocessor platform. Their IC designs offer public key cryptographic co-processors, hardware accelerators for secret key and hash computations as well as contact and contactless communication interfaces. Most of our target devices are Common Criteria security certified with Evaluation and Assurance Level (EAL) 5+ and higher. MaskTech OS securely implements the cryptographic computations, protocols and data handling to securely manage the access to very sensitive biometric data or authentication solutions. Our embedded solutions are manufacturer independent.

We make chips intelligent!