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We protect you!And 150.000.000other identities.
We protect you!
And 150.000.000
other identities.


Personal identity documents confirm the identity of individual citizens, thus proving their legitimate residency within their homeland.

An e-ID is a National ID card with visible and invisible security features and a secure embedded microprocessor. By adding a chip the security is significantly enhanced because cryptographic embedded ICs are virtually impossible to be counterfeited. This chip carries the biographic data of the citizen and provides storage for biometric data of the document holder as already successfully realized in the new e-Passports. The e-ID is supposed to carry credentials in order to act as an interoperable travel document and optionally facilitate logical access to e-Government or local administration services.
MTCOS is designed to meet these advanced requirements. By default the OS supports ICAO (DOC 9303) and BSI (TR-03110) travel document standards with its famous ePassport application and a large set of applications for e-Government services.

MTCOS security mechanisms for e-ID services include but are not limited to signature creation/verification according to SSCD protection profiles, de- and encryption functionality using future-proof key lengths, strong authentication, Match-On-Card (fingerprint, iris) and is flexibly extendable through its ISO/IEC multi application support and/or MMU protected executables for customer specific add-ons.

Brochure e-ID with MTCOS (PDF/354.8 kb)