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Press, latest Releases
Press Release: 09.2016 // Nuremberg

EAL5+ for MTCOS Pro V2.2 on Infineon SLE78CLX

September 2016 - The German BSI has issued a new Common Criteria EAL 5+ certificate for MTCOS Pro on Infineon SLE78CLX M7820 V2.

Generally, Common Criteria is a strict standard to validate a product's security, design process, development environment, functionality, security handling, testing and documentation. MTCOS Pro has been developed, evaluated and certified in Germany. The country is one of the few members that certify cryptographic smart cards under the SOGIS agreements. SOGIS defines the recognition of products that exceed the maximum accepted security level (EAL5) of Common Criteria. The evaluation and certification process of MTCOS is based on the latest protection profile BSI-CC-PP-0056-v2-2012 with support of the SAC/PACE and EAC protocols used in the new e-ID, e-Residence Permits and e-Passport applications. The new product certification is registered under the reference BSI-DSZ-CC-0941-2016.

Supplemental Access Control (SAC), also known under Password Authenticated Connection Establishment (PACE), protocol is an alternative to Basic Access Control (BAC) that offers advanced resistance against skimming and eavesdropping of travel / ID documents.
SAC/PACE provides strong session keys independent of the input strings (e.g. MRZ or Card Access Number). This protocol must be supported by travel documents issued from countries within the Schengen area from end of 2014 and also ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) recommends the use of SAC/PACE for all their member states. Generally, SAC/PACE will first amend the BAC protocol for backwards compatibility reasons and replace it later.

The chip hardware used in this new product certification is the SLE78CLX M7820 V2, a high security controller with up to 160kB memory. Built on the outstanding digital security concept,”Integrity Guard” with its self-checking dual CPU, SLE78CLX products (CC EAL5+ certified) are the perfect choice for ePassport, national eID, and any other eGovernment application. MaskTech's MTCOS V2.1 & V2.2 eID system on chip has Common Criteria certificates now on 6 different semiconductor platforms.